EVIT certificate completers are "workforce ready." Our modern day workplace has exploded with critical needs for a technically trained workforce, and the EVIT graduate qualifies for unprecedented opportunities right out of high school. They are placed directly into high skilled, high paying jobs. EVIT is key to workforce development in Arizona. Big tech companies are on the move, relocating their headquarters from restrictive environments in favor of communities that are more business friendly. They will select their new home based on the community's ability to supply them with quality labor. EVIT is perfectly positioned to develop economic opportunities for Arizona while it offers its students a strategic, competitive advantage. In fact, statistics show that high school students holding a trade certificate earn 42% more than high school diploma-only prepared workers.

EVIT offers training to high school students as well as adult learners. 38 out of the 42 programs offered by EVIT have been deemed "essential." As such, EVIT did not close their doors during COVID. Because they educate essential workers, they were allowed to continue educating the pipeline when the doors to all the schools around them were locked. During Cien's tenure in the last legislative session, EVIT sponsored a bill that focused on developing students to replenish the workforce. The bill was signed into law, allowing EVIT to offer post-secondary Associate degrees. EVIT did not ask for more money, or an increase in taxes to run this program. Instead, EVIT found a way to use existing facilities, which taxes already pay for, and then students pay the difference. This maximizes tax dollars because the facilities are already owned and operating. EVIT was also granted $10 million to build a 64-bed residency dorm for students in the foster care program. EVIT will provide an industry certificate program with wrap around programs that will teach these students additional life skills such as fiscal responsibility, preparing them for their life beyond social services.

Cien Hiatt Luke is the best election choice for EVIT Governing Board - District 5.

About Cien Hiatt Luke

Cien currently sits on the EVIT governing board, and is a fierce advocate for setting students up for success. She seeks to maximize educational accessibility for all students to enable them to learn technical skills/ trades that utilize their talents and fit their interests, in order to facilitate students with means to attain prosperous livelihoods. Simply stated, Cien believes that all barriers to learning should be removed from the classroom, and distractions eliminated. EVIT board positions are politically-neutral, and Cien aims to ensure that EVIT board's decisions are politically-neutral. Cien is a strong advocate of EVIT having the singular purpose of training students for the workplace of tomorrow. Cien envisions EVIT as a viable path for economic prosperity for all students and that students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, race, gender, religion, etc., have equal access and opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Cien, married to an Arizona native, has lived in Arizona for almost 40 years. All 6 of their children were educated in the public school system, and are currently pursuing higher education in the STEM pathways, including electrical engineering, dentistry, the medical device industry, and business data analytics. She works as the Director of Learning and Program Development for AZTransfer, a state initiative to improve credit transfer pathways between community colleges and universities. She is also the Executive Director of the Arizona School Counselors Association (AzSCA, Inc.). Cien recently earned a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership.

"Cien is the Director of Learning and Program Development for AZTransfer, an organization of education leaders that supports the transfer of credits and degree completion for students in Arizona’s public postsecondary schools. She is also the Executive Director of the Arizona School Counselors Association.

Cien has a bachelor of arts degree in Communication, with an emphasis in organizational communication from Arizona State University, and a master of science degree in Organizational Leadership, also from ASU. She has worked for the Arizona School Counselors Association since 2011, including serving as Executive Director since 2019. She has worked for AZTransfer since 2018.

Luke was recommended to Watson as Doolen’s replacement by the EVIT Governing Board, with Watson making the final decision."


  • Purple for Parents

  • AZ Women of Action

  • Legislative Districts 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13

EVIT District 5 Boundaries


Thank you for being engaged with this election. If you have any questions or concerns, or would be interested in contacting Cien directly, please email Cien at CienForEVIT@gmail.com.